Press Release: Pisgah Energy Has Arrived!

Press Release: Pisgah Energy Has Arrived!

Pisgah Energy Charges Renewable Energy With Expertise & Commitment To Clients.

Backed by over twenty years of experience in the solar industry, Pisgah Energy is a design & development firm that guides clients through the process of acquiring Solar and Energy Storage Systems for their business.

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA/OCTOBER 18, 2019 – Pisgah Energy today announces it will begin providing comprehensive solar and energy storage design and development services for commercial, municipal, and institutional clients across the Southeast. Pisgah Energy works with these clients to help realize their transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy – delivering energy cost savings and stability.

With Pisgah Energy at the helm, clients can navigate the process of sourcing renewable energy with less stress and more confidence. From concept through construction, Pisgah Energy offers a range of services that support the development of solar and energy storage projects – running the gamut from energy usage analysis to RFP services.

Every service offered is backed by the expertise of industry vet and Pisgah Energy President, Evan Becka.

“I’ve worked in solar since 1999 and worn a lot of hats along the way – technician, project manager, operations manager, and project developer. My roots in the industry are deep and so is my understanding of it.  That said, the energy landscape is constantly changing and innovating so there’s always more to learn—that’s a big part of what I love about it.” said Becka.

In recent years, the demand for commercial solar and energy storage has risen as costs have fallen and the effects of climate change become increasingly clear. Worldwide, 204 of the most influential companies have joined RE100 making the commitment to go ‘100% renewable’ and 672 companies, including Verizon and Hershey, have set emission reduction targets that are in line with the most up-to-date climate science. And corporations are not alone, according to Sierra Club’s Ready for 100, 139 US cities, 11 counties, and 9 states have adopted 100% clean energy goals.

Identifying the best approach to reaching these goals can be challenging without the help of experienced commercial solar developers who have strong relationships with both utilities and financiers.

“That’s where Pisgah Energy comes in,” said Becka. “Our clients don’t have to worry about becoming experts overnight. It’s our job to handle the ins and outs of each market’s unique procurement process. We love getting in the weeds on our clients’ behalf so we can create high-quality, low-cost energy solutions for them. We are 100% committed to our clients’ goals and 100% committed to finding the most cost-effective way to achieve them.”



Pisgah Energy is on a mission to lead the transition of commercial, municipal and institutional clients from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. We serve our clients using insight and expertise derived from 20 years of working in the renewable energy sector. Fierce dedication to integrity, honesty, and clear communication has earned us a great deal of trust within the industry and our team has a proven track record of developing solar and energy storage projects that are both innovative and uniquely tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.