Nature’s Take: 2020, Year-to-Date

It’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway through 2020.  Even more surreal is how much our lives have changed since we rung in the New Year.

These days, most of us are keeping track of time (if we’re keeping track at all!) based on when we went into quarantine, how long it’s lasted and how restrictions have evolved and, perhaps, lifted over time.  I know I have.

Since the issuing of stay at home orders, I’ve found myself slowing down and paying more attention to the natural world – finding delight and hope in the small yet extraordinary life growing up all around me.  The frozen pools of winter thawing and transforming into cleaner air and the buzzing, blooming of spring.

Like clockwork, the sun, soil, air and water have been up to good things.

May the following images bring you a sense of hope & delight as well.