Commercial Solar Project Development

Solar Project Development + Construction Administration

Pisgah Energy simplifies solar design, development and construction, ensuring that we create solar projects that meet our clients’ goals, whether it’s saving money, energy independence, or environmental sustainability.

Solar Project Development​


Pisgah Energy generates the most cost-effective solutions that comply with electrical/building codes, and local permitting agency requirements.

We serve as the liaison between the utility and customer and handle the paperwork needed to obtain approval from the utility to construct the project.

Project Development & Construction Administration Services

Feasibility Studies

Pisgah Energy’s solar experts will review your facility’s energy usage, assess your site and equipment needs, and, based on this data, create a conceptual design of the proposed solar system. We can also help determine whether your project qualifies for government incentives or rebates.

Our feasibility studies report will include the following:
  • Energy Usage Analysis
  • Site/Facility Assessment
  • Conceptual Design of the Solar Installation
  • Financial Analysis Modeling

Project Planning

Pisgah Energy provides project planning services to clients at every stage of the process: design, financial analysis, construction administration and post-installation monitoring. We have a proven track record of delivering cost-effective solutions that comply with electrical/building codes and local permitting agency requirements. Our experience allows us to offer quality control services (QC) to ensure that our clients’ projects are built according to code standards.

RFP Services

Pisgah Energy can help you write a request for proposal (RFP) and manage the process of selecting the best solar contractor for your project. The RFP will include project specifications, drawings, construction timelines, and requirements along with any other pertinent information necessary to complete the installation of your solar array. Once we receive responses from all qualified contractors, we’ll assist in the evaluation of the bid proposals and help you select a contractor that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Construction Administration

Once you’ve selected your solar contractor, we’ll work with them to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.Prior to construction, we review plans for the installation with the contractor and coordinate with them to make sure all necessary permits are obtained. Once construction begins, we regularly meet with the contractor to monitor progress on site. Our construction manager performs inspections at key milestones to ensure that the project is code compliant and is being built according to plans, specifications, and our high workmanship standards.
“I have nothing but praise for Pisgah Energy’s top-notch solar design and development services. If you’re looking for a consultant that is knowledgeable, thoughtful and hard-working, look no further than Pisgah Energy.”