Commercial Solar System Design

Solar Design Expertise

Successful solar development begins with superior design and engineering. With our team of NABCEP-certified solar designers, we consistently create designs based on technical expertise. We start with an energy usage analysis and site evaluation; determining potential energy production. We then produce an estimate of how much solar energy the installation could generate.

Solar Design


Using this data, our designers create a detailed layout of your solar project – including the tilt angle of the array and the number and type of panels and inverters. The result is a custom-designed solar energy system that meets your specific needs, cuts your commercial energy costs, and maximizes your return on investment (ROI).

Design Services

Energy Usage Analysis

A critical aspect of solar and energy storage design is understanding how much energy your business uses and how much of that energy you can save by switching to solar. Conducting an energy usage analysis gives us this crucial information and lays the foundation for the accurate sizing of your solar and/or energy storage project.

Site/Facility Assessment

Assessing the proposed site for a solar and/or energy storage project is also a critical part of the development process. We use this time to gather pertinent information on your facility’s rooftop and its supporting structure, electrical equipment, points of interconnection, and if considering a ground-mounted system, the land available for use. Your presence during this assessment allows us to get to know you and your business better and address any questions that may arise. The data we gather is then used to create a customized design for your project.

Solar Design

Once we determine that your site is viable for solar, we’ll create a PV system design that includes:
  • A visual layout of the solar array on the selected site 
  • A report detailing the size of the project, the number/type of solar panels and inverters, and the system’s projected amount of solar energy generation

Energy Storage Design

Depending on the purpose you want an energy storage system to serve, we can design a battery system that either stands alone or is paired with a solar array. The “multi-tool”of energy, batteries can be used to address critical backup needs and peak demand shaving among other applications.
"As part of Contec’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and our corporate social responsibility efforts, we recognized the need to expand our renewable energy efforts to support our manufacturing process. In December 2019, we partnered with Pisgah Energy, which led to the successful completion of our Wingo Park location’s ground- and roof-mounted photovoltaic systems. These systems will help deliver approximately 40% of the site’s energy needs. Throughout the project, Pisgah Energy provided valuable knowledge, insight and project management skills in a manner that was well organized and easily understood. Pisgah’s collaborative approach helped ensure the project was completed on time. I highly recommend Pisgah Energy for any future PV system needs."