Design-Build Services

Integrated Approach

We offer Design-Build contracting services for solar energy systems as a cost-effective way to build and deliver large projects by combining the design and construction phases under one contract. This integrated approach provides greater continuity, accountability, and an increase in quality assurance; allowing you to enjoy the benefits of working with a single service provider – from concept through construction.

Solar Design-Build Services

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With our vast electrical engineering and construction experience, we can ensure your project will be designed to meet or exceed all of its requirements and built with an economical approach. Our cost-effective services provide you with the resources needed for other critical tasks such as field research, cost mitigation reviews, and interconnection with the utility.

Design-Build Services

Feasibility Studies

Our feasibility study will help you maximize the performance of your solar system by taking into account various climatic conditions and your energy requirements.
Feasibility Studies include:
  • Energy Usage Analysis
  • Site/Facility Assessment
  • Conceptual Design
  • Financial Analysis Modeling

Solar Design + Engineering

Whether your facility requires a solar canopy, ground, or roof-mounted system, our highly skilled design team will provide a fully customized design that results in maximized production while also creating the most cost-effective solution for construction.

Energy Storage Design + Engineering

We will design and engineer a battery solution that meets your requirements. We can also provide you with an energy storage system that is fully integrated with solar power.

Project Planning

Pisgah Energy offers comprehensive solar and energy storage services for your company. Our extensive design and development experience allows us to tailor solutions that are specific to your needs. Our services include cost-effective solutions that comply with electrical/building code and local permitting agency requirements.We offer Quality Control Services (QC) to ensure our projects are built according to code and meet all public safety requirements. If you are looking for an efficient and profitable renewable energy solution for your company or facility, Pisgah Energy is here to help!Our solar and energy storage project planning services benefit:Commercial, industrial, retail office, and mixed-use facilitiesBreweries and farmsMunicipalities, universities, schools, state agencies, and hospitalsUtilities, co-ops, and independent power producers

Solar Construction

As the general contractor, we handle everything from obtaining permits and approvals to procuring the equipment necessary to install your solar PV array. We will build your solar energy system to plans and specifications, using the highest standards of workmanship – with the aim of completing the installation on time and on budget.

Solar Commissioning

We will commission your solar project to ensure optimal performance. Our commissioning process confirms that your solar power system is properly aligned, calibrated, and tested before it’s turned over to you. Our commissioning process ensures your system will operate at peak performance right out of the gate and for many years to come.


Commissioning does not start at the end of construction, rather it’s an ongoing process. In addition to our visual quality control inspections and reporting, we test all system components, including insulation resistance testing, PV string IV curve tracing and AC / DC voltages. We end with a detailed project manual and monitoring data-based performance analysis once the system is up and running.
“Evan with Pisgah Energy was incredibly helpful in getting my team up to speed quickly in the area of solar energy. We needed to evaluate several key buildings for solar feasibility that were already in the process of having their roofs replaced. Evan seamlessly worked with our contractor and delivered a timely analysis that let us provide informed recommendations to our elected officials. Pisgah also worked with our architects on two new facilities where we needed to quickly evaluate the potential for rooftop solar and incorporate it into the design before the projects went to bid. We all give Evan high marks for his responsiveness and excellent communication of the complex solar market and look forward to working with him again."

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