Image of West Asheville Library Helioscope, Project Capacity 30.03kWdc
South Buncombe Library Helioscope, 36.96kWdc
Buncombe County Tax Office Solar Project Helioscope, 36.96kWdc
HHS Building Helioscope, 242.55kWdc
College Street Parking Deck Solar Installation Helioscopes 242.55kWdc Total Capacity
Fairview Library Solar Installation Helioscope, 36.19kWdc
Helioscope of Leicester Library Solar Installation, 33.495 kWdc
Helioscope of North Asheville Library Solar Installation, 32.34kWdc
Helioscope of Buncombe County Transfer Station Solar Installation, 107.8kWdc
Helioscope of Buncombe County Animal Shelter Solar Installation, 186.725kWdc
Helioscope of Buncombe PSTC Training Center Solar Installation, 133.21kWdc
Helioscope of Buncombe PSTC Apparatus Center Solar Installation, 70.07kWdc