Solar Energy Consulting Services

Your Solar Energy Partner

In addition to our design, development, and construction services, Pisgah Energy offers consulting services across all markets served. Our staff provides technical consultation for solar and energy storage design, critical/backup power needs, rate structure evaluation, and energy management strategies. We also conduct an evaluation of your financing options, including available tax credits, rebates, and other incentives.

Solar Technical Consulting​

Solar Panels in front of city skyline

Are you ready to start powering your business with solar energy? We are happy to meet with you to discuss your energy needs and the benefits that using solar energy can provide. Our experienced team of industry professionals can help you maximize your savings and gain long-term value from using clean energy. We offer an array of services tailored to meet your needs and support your energy goals – whatever they may be!

Technical Consulting Services

Technical Consulting Process

The first step is to determine your goals and objectives for a solar project, as well as any specific needs or restrictions that might apply. Once we understand your needs, we conduct feasibility studies to determine if solar is a viable part of your energy mix.

Our detailed feasibility report includes the following information:
  • Energy Usage Analysis
  • Site/Facility Assessment
  • Conceptual Design
  • Financial Analysis Modeling

Project Planning

Our energy consulting experts will use the information from the feasibility report to determine the next steps for your solar project. We will work with you to:
  • Determine the most cost-effective design and layout for your system.
  • Ensure that your solar PV system is code compliant and meets all local permitting agency requirements
  • Secure utility approval for grid interconnection
  • Determine the financial procurement plan that best suits your needs and budget
  • Procure materials and equipment for construction
  • Prequalify general contractors to build the project
“Pisgah Energy has played a pivotal role in moving our organization toward a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. They handled all of our solar design and analysis needs with timeliness and professionalism. Their knowledge and experience has helped us through every level of the decision making process. We have been very fortunate to have them as a critical part of our energy management team.”